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The following words are not to be considered any kind of nutritional advice. I am not a medical professional, not aiming to be one and I do not provide dietary advice. This is me sharing my thoughts & experience.

We, humans need to consume nutrients and water to sustain ourselves. It is essential to the survival of our bodies. And who knows, maybe that is the reason why there are so many heated discussions about what is considered to be an optimal and well balanced diet.

Eat this, don’t eat that. You eat too much when you don’t eat too little, mostly, rely on your intuition but definitely have a schedule, and THE ONE statement that’s being tossed around like a hot potato - just follow your gut … but what if the million different messages out there speak so much louder than my gut and it seems quite impossible to distinguish what suits me from what might be the best solution for someone else yet won’t work on my body? WHAT THEN?

All these swarming phrases do is to create a feeling of confusion. There’s lots of noise, lots of stress about avoiding the bad foods and lots contradicting advise.

As I hop from one source to another, it is not unusual to read about about the dangers of sugar, disasters caused by dairy and the evil work of gluten. It paints a pretty dramatic image framed in the different offerings of various diets. I believe, any harsh restriction by definition is disruptive and in my experience, harsh disruptions cause a great deal of stress. And stress, is something that makes us look more tired, it makes us get sick quicker and to age faster.

For me, moving into adjustments I would like to implement in my life (dietary or any other for that matter) with ease, patience and love also takes admitting that sometimes I want pizza, a large bowl of pasta with nothing else but cheese or a doughnut… and when I do, I choose the meal which seem the most delicious to me, enjoy it and move on with my life without a thought in my mind that I might have done something unforgivable to my body.

Once you chill out and give yourself a much needed quiet time, it is very likely that you might hear a whisper speaking the words of your truth directly from your gut but it is very unlikely to happen if you seat yourself in the middle of a bee swarm of obsessive thoughts about good or bad foods.

All my love,


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