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Kuntze Instruments specializes in designing and manufacturing high quality solutions in water analysis. Company's key performance area is the production of sensors for measuring disinfectants, pH, redox potential, and gases. At the same time, company offers customers integrated, connected measurement systems for industrial applications such as process, cooling and wastewater treatment, as well as drinking water measurement and swimming pool maintenance.


No prior animation visuals such as this one had been created in the past, therefore the task of creating an easy to comprehend animation was first  approached by gathering information from various sources within the company. Since the product is extremely scientifically complex, it was necessary to distinguish which parts of the information should be included in the video and which parts should be excluded from the video to create an easy to understand introduction of the product to the target audience. 

A decision to create a character was made based on the reference of the production plant worker comparing the test results made by the Kuntze Instruments measuring tool and the test results obtained by methods using chemical ingredients. The story line of the 16 second was built on the production plant worker's actions, an easy to relate narrative for the main target audience - production plant managers. The animation depicts a very frequently performed task by the production plant workers and how Kuntze Instruments measuring tool can be of great assistance in not only making these tasks easier to complete, but also providing a more enviromentally sustainable way of measuring the particles in the water. 



Project: An easy to understand animation for sales purposes

Concept creation, illustrations, story boards, animation 


Andrew Barker, President of Kuntze Instruments USA; 

Zach Barker, Inside Sales and Lead Tech Support Specialist;  

Hannah Blinn, Project Manager


The animation was created remotely over the course of 8 weeks, several Zoom meetings and a close email exchange. The initial gathering of information, was followed by the first draft of concept which, after approval, was translated into an illustration of the character and the tools the character would be using in the video. After the approval of the illustration (especially in terms of its real-life accuracy),  the story boards were drafted. The story boards got revised multiple times in order to ensure the most efficient way of communication about the process depicted. 

Sample of creative process: 3 versions of story boards

The story line was first developed on the basis of Kuntze Instruments measuring tool providing a more sustainable way of measuring particles in the water. Therefore, one of the versions of the potential video was to showcase how much more waste alternative methods of measuring could cause. To visually seperate which method would be used, the character would wear a brown color uniform while using the alternative methods of measuring particles and a blue colored uniform while using the Kuntze Instruments measuring tool. However, this version was not approved due to the fact that there was very little exposure of the Kuntze Instruments measuring tool in terms of time, as well, these story boards depict an inaccuracy of the empty containers actually not being thrown away. Therefore this version was heavily adjusted later in process.

Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 19.37.49.png

Following the feedback, another story line was developed - the instrument was way more exposed yet, as indicated by the client, there was more work to be done in order to simplify the depiction of the process. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 19.38.37.png

In order to simplify the depiction of the process, the movements of the character were minimized and the frame was more zoomed in, showcasing the Kuntze instrument for the whole duration of the video. The character would wear the same uniform during the whole duration of the video. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 19.47.16.png

Showcasing parts of the process creates an understanding that making an animated video is a multidimensional process yet by taking the steps and ensuring a close feedback loop, the desired result can be accomplished - an easy to understand visual which helps to  communicate the processes within your organization. 


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