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Made Blue is en entrepreneurial charity that was founded in 2014 and by now has generated over 10 billion litres of clean water in developing countries on behalf of 400+ companies supporting their mission. Made Blue registered charity in The Netherlands focused on transparency and efficiency, making as little overhead costs as possible and overseen by and independent and non-paid board.

Since 2019, Small english has been an official partner of Made Blue and every purchase on the Small english web shop
provides 2000 liters of clean drinking water to the people in areas of the 
world where it is scarce.

Read the interview Machiel van Dooren, one of the founders of Made Blue


The tale of Small english sharks started back in 2016 when I created the very first release called LLAMAS ALSO SHARKS. The creation of that work was very much a quest to find courage and to be brave. The qualities which could easily be associated with sharks and their fierceness.
With every next release, I continued to create with an intention to inspire people to be brave and to go out there to follow their dreams and aspirations, quietly whispering the same words of encouragement to myself in order to face the challenges of building my studio. 
In early 2018, it was clear to me that I am creating for sharks - the brave, the focused and the kind people. The below images
are a few of many examples of the wonderful Small english customers and collaborators sharing their sharky vibes.

All my love,

March, 2022

Thank you fellow sharks for sharing your energy :) 

Through the partnership with Made Blue, 160 000 liters of
clean drinking water have been provided. 

All my love,

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 21.37.46.png

March, 2021 

Thank you fellow sharks for sharing your energy :) 

120 000 L of clean drinking water has been provided to other sharks through your purchases. The partnership with Made Blue will continue into 20201 as well!

All my love,


September, 2020

The founders of Made Blue came up with an innovative organizational structure in order to deliver on their promise to bring clean water to the parts of the world where it is scarce.

I collaborated with Made Blue founders to create a visual explanation of this unique system they have implemented in their organization.

Enjoy the video!

An in-depth interview with Machiel van Dooren (one of the founders of Made Blue ) on this topic on the Small english blog.

All my love,