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Every Small english release is a reflection of something. An ongoing process in my life, a quality I have been working on within myself, a silly joke I have come up with or sometimes it is just wishful visual thinking for what I would like the future to bring me. And believe me when I tell you, sharing it with you feels like one of the best parts of the process.

Creating this release was based on the Small english followers vote on Instagram when a request for a fierce yet elegant release took a lead. A few months later Smashing the Patriarchy was born... not just purely out of the request. A release like this has been on my mind for a while yet I never could quite figure how to bring it about. This vote on fierce yet elegant mood of the release was the perfect groundwork for Smashing the Patriarchy. I never wanted it to be loud or rebelious. It is not for a spur of the moment action. It is not about women against men. It is about us all against the mad system of patriarchy which hurts us all.

You see, for a few decades I had no idea how much of suffering was caused by patriarchy. Mainly because I myself was so wrapped up in it. I did not know it was patriarchy. And for this reason, it worked so well. It worked so well against me. I myself helped to set the stage for my very own failure. Failure to embrace life as it comes. Failure to experience joy as it comes. Failure to stand up for myself when I did not do anything wrong. And even more so, failure to stand up for myself when I made mistakes and faced way more severe consequences than my male counterparts.

I did not know it was patriarchy who told me to be at war with my very own body, my hair, my appearance... only claiming me to be worthy if I looked in a certain way. I did not know know it was patriarchy who casted the spell that the way I looked was always more important than the way I felt.

When I experienced harsh attacks from other babes without any apparent reason at the time.... I did not know it was patriarchy pitting women against each other.

I did not know it was patriarchy which made men to be at each's others throats seeking victory over one and other regardless of the price paid for this seemingly glorious moment of winning.

I did not know the only way to smash patriarchy was to let a fresh breeze of air into its stuffy abode. I did not know that the way to end it was to stay calm and to be strong enough to make sure it ends with me. But now.

Now I do know.

Take a good care of yourself, stay healthy and smash the patriarchy!

All my love,


Special thank you's go out to Snap Me Pretty who made all the photos in this post & has been an absolute joy to work with since the day one!


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