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The times of Corona is a strange place to be and keeping the spirit bright and shiny is a big deal, if not one of the most important things we can do while medical professionals, cleaners and other care givers do their jobs to help us all. These are my two cents I can offer from the world of Small english to keep the mood on the bright side.

Podcasts have kept me company for a long time since freelance life is pretty much a loner life anyways ... and it is nice to have someone to keep the company while working. These are the 3 of my favourite podcasts I have been tuning in with for the past few years and the hosts have never let me down.

Mark Brickey has kept me company since 2014 and his show was certainly an inspiration for me to (finally!) start my Small english a few years back.

Adventures in Design digs deep. Although, lots of episodes cover very technical design related matters, I do believe it is a show for everyone designer or not.

Tim Ferriss Show is on all kinds of fancy lists and lots of people would agree with me that it is great content.

In the times of Corona, Tim has not failed to provide us with exactly what is needed - an interview with a man who shares tips about

how exactly to cultivate peace in the time of chaos.

I like Grace's show Not Too Deep so much because she is s good at reminding us that at the end of the day, celebrities or not, we are all human.

She unapologetically asks her guests questions about worst pant sh***ing stories and possibility of throwing cold spaghetti at people. It funny because she does not let anybody to get on they high horse and pretend they are somehow better than others or have all the answers.

That's all my fellow sharks. Keep your spirits bright & shiny, wash your hands and do a little shark dance.

All my love,


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