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Went to Paris. Had a blast (and an exhibition). Came back on an absolute nightmarish type of delayed trip. Slept for 3 hours. Had to get work done the next day and operate on 3h sleep type of a mind. Went to a birthday party afterwards and somehow got myself into a situation where I got homework to write a review about the series The Adventure Time. Due on Monday :D 500 words.

Well. It is Monday. Here is the review.

Side note. Before this bday party (where I had a reasonable amount of wine and for some reason I decided to agree upon exercising my brain this way), I had not ever heard of this show in my life.

The series explore the topics of time, space and cultural programming. The main characters - the dynamic duo of Finn and Jake depicts something quite a few people, including myself, can relate to - a friendship between a human and a dog. Finn The Boy and Jake The Dog are inseparable. They in fact live together in a tree house. There's a bunch of other characters such as Princess Bubblegum who's so so so soooo cool. She's not only smart and funny (and has a well maintained haircut which I'd say is not unimportant), she also makes mistakes, goes to the bathroom and asks for help when in trouble. This character embodies qualities of a strong woman in the making who lives her life the way she sees fit without striving to live up to the expectation of perfection. The Ice King seems be to struggling with mental health issues. He is obsessed with an idea that having a princess of any kind captivated in his castle would give him the peace his soul seems to be so desperate for. Yeah, it is easy to dislike him. However, I think it is quite admirable that he is not demonised as the source of all things evil but rather ridiculed for his silliness. Because indeed. How silly is that to expect another person to fix your own unhappiness and how many of us have been guilty of this charge? The Ice King is annoying. Sure. Gotta say though. A beard which makes him fly is a pretty cool attribute and I hope that somewhere along the way Ice King starts loving himself a little more to stop thinking that he needs to capture a princess in order to gain her attention.

The aesthetics and particularly the color palettes are not quite to my liking but I see that only as one aspect of a multi layered show which explores complicated topics yet keeps the main message optimistic and light. Especially since there are quite a few dark undernotes such as the absence of Finn's parents. It seems to me it is all about going on adventures to explore, to defend what's being held dear to heart and turning losses into life lessons. Besides, the pieces of music are little gems of joy. The song about empathy made my heart melt in a split second.

After watching 3 seasons in one week, I decided to like it. Although I am not the biggest fan of its aesthetics, the show offers a nice island of kindness which can serve as a lovely little escape. Especially after days when one feels defeated and the monsters of anger and sadness and the rest of that bandwagon seem to not leave one alone.

All my love,


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