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New month, new school year, new quests. To celebrate the next chapter in the Playground's life, I wrote a letter to Laura Llama as an answer to her "Quest for Companionship".

"I am a pretty stubborn person. That is my best and worst quality. It helps me a lot with achieving my goals, but at the same time, it gives me the unsettling (khm... idiotic?) idea that I can battle the whole world all by myself. That is obviously not true. I am the girl who thinks she does not need any sort of help whatsoever from anybody and refuses to accept that we live in a society because people all depend on each other one way or another.

Or so I used to be...

That attitude ended up with me completely isolating myself from my fellow humans for a good year in the name of Almighty Progress. My nomination for best original screenplay at the Oscars clearly agrees with the genius of my delusion, right? Oh, wait...

Sad, how I knew no better. But, you know what, it turns out, if you are actually honest with yourself for a change, life gives you what you need. Last year, I wished to have some guidance that I am on the right path after all. I wished I had a platform to have my voice heard and spread my message. And then magically, you showed up with your never - ending positivity and offered me everything I needed to restart my creative journey.

While getting me out of my hermit shell, I learnt that you do not have to be alone. I learnt that together is better and if you need help, all you have to do is ask for it. I learnt that sometimes traumas are truly blessings in disguise. That you can always turn a bad situation around and if in the end, all you got is inspiration, the rocky road was already worth it.

Thank you for the lessons. Thank you for inspiring me."

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