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Hello. This is a letter to Zita Viola. Who has been a pretty good fellow shark. And I would like the world to know that I think she has been a pretty good fellow shark. Therefore, I wrote this letter as a blog post. There is also an Insta TV video.

Everything what my professional life taught me was that my feelings did not matter. Work matters. My feelings about it. They do not. I learnt that there is always going to be certain moments of "toughing it out" and continuing to work regardless of what my feelings tell me. I had always assumed that it is just the way it is. Ignoring a few feelings is just a part of being a good professional. And good professionals are supposed to deal with their feelings at home.

This approach felt much like fighting and if there's anything I dislike, it is fighting. I usually leave, because fighting keeps me from doing what I like the most - creating. Fighting and creating is not possible at the same time. I like creating stuff which makes me feel a little better about the world we live in. For a long time, I worked by myself to avoid fighting. When you agreed to help me, I had no idea that almost a year later I would happily call you my creative companion. You show up every time, you see what I need before I have acknowledged the fact it might be good for me and above all.. you teach me things I did not know I had to learn with kindness I had not yet experienced. Feelings matter and I am very much looking forward to the next year of working with you to dissect them all.

All my love,


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