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There is always something. Twist it or turn it, look at it from all angles or ignore it. There is always some problem seemingly depriving us from sailing through the life in a calm and balanced manner.

It often feels there is a mystical race for getting some place of "making it" where the calm&balanced is a constant reality. The location of this wonderland is somehow unclear. However, the description of it involves leisurely laying around without a care in the world. Most certainly it entails defeating the evil monsters of stress, exhaustion and the feeling of being constantly overwhelmed.

It appears that neither of us are protected from getting invitations for gatherings organised by wicked creatures of anxiety and fear. They make sure these parties are also eventually attended by self-pity and anger. Nevertheless, there is always an option to RSVP with a firm NO.

Painting a pretty picture of all the monsters defeated & evil invitations burnt seems like going right back to drawing board with the concept of "making it" which is not certain to be existing. What if all the monsters defeated is not really a helpful way to look at it, especially... because there is always something. What if the monsters are not monsters but just sounds in lower vibrations and the more uplifting sounds are the echos of our own good work? And when the lower vibrations take over it is much like dissonance is created. Also known as sadness. In that case, could it just indicate that there is not enough echo of the good work and we have let ourselves slip and gotta go on the quest for harmony a.k.a. doing the work which is good for others?

Life just like a piece of music consists of quite a few elements. It is relatively easy to regulate the volume and with a little bit of effort one can figure out the structure and then make choices on the quality of tune and texture to later decide upon melody.

To become a good composer for the music of your life, it takes patience and a lot of practise, but the only thing we truly need on our quest for harmony is a heart radiating the waves of looooove. To get tuned to be able to create more of the uplifting vibrations. Because the good vibrations. Those are created. Not found.

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