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It is not the discovery of the century that traveling opens the mind to new experiences and heals the wounds of the spirit. We've been going on adventures since the history of mankind to expand our knowledge and explore the unknown. In modern days, planning your vacation spices up your mundane everyday life and gives you something to look forward to. And when you are gone, it gives you a chance to reconsider your priorities and have a better grasp on your own life as a whole.

If vagabondage is second nature to you, you are probably already familiar with the therapeutic effects of satisfying your wanderlust. Sometimes you just need a time out from the world and escape reality, just to return back to it stronger, more focused, and all in all, happier.

Going on a vacation to clear your head is not the same as running away, but rather gathering the strength to solve your problems when you return. Of course, they will be waiting for you at home. But you gain a new perspective on how to handle them. Taking a step back can help you identify the core of your issues and learn how to tackle them right away. When you are on the road and you come across difficulties, you have to find an instant solution, because there is not going to be anybody to fix them for you. You carry this lesson on your suitcase on your journey back.

So whether you have a deep wound, or a boo-boo on your soul, just stick a piece of vagabandage on it. It can help you heal from within.

It is common to deal with loss by looking for a change of scenery. Even just a weekend getaway might help you remember that life goes on and there are so many things to be happy about. After losing someone or something you cared about, you might feel the need to reconsider where you are going with your life. Taking a break from your normal routines can help you realize what it is that you really need and focus on your personal growth. Especially if you have the breakup blues, celebrating your independence and individual value is a healthier approach than mourning over what is already gone. If you are dealing with grief or a traumatic experience, sometimes, it is the best cure to try to forget what happened, even if just momentarily. Traveling can help you switch your brain off, when you feel like your situation is just too much to deal with.

Small english approved disaster-plaster: Playa Jeremi, Curaçao

Watching the sunset in the bay sure is romantic, but witnessing one of the true, untouched, all natural wonders of the world reminds you that you can appreciate the happy moments, with or without company. Taking a Caribbean vacation with friends mends the broken heart. Plus, when you go home, you get to show off to your not-so-significant-anymore former sweetheart what therapeutic effects sunshine and salty water had on you. Which is not a super nice thing to do, but you can afford to be a little petty after parting ways with someone.

Confronting your fears is much like diving into deep water. Taking action to face your despair weakens it, as you realize that your imagination can be scarier than reality, and you are stronger than you give yourself credit for. When your brain is in “vacation mode”, you develop the “What's the worst that could happen?” attitude, because you do not want anything to ruin the time you have away from your everyday life. If you have, for instance, anxiety about talking to strangers, in an unfamiliar land, you are going to have to force yourself to out-brave it, otherwise you would not be able to take care of yourself. Or, if you are timid about swimming, you might find going snorkeling to be a golden remedy. You can sit at the shore, wishing to see the hidden wonders of the sea, or you can get up and challenge your dismay. Whatever you are having anxiety over, being away for a while can help you find your balance and give you a new sense of achievement.

Small english approved disaster-plaster: Mohács, Hungary

The best time to visit Mohács is at the end of February. Why? Because that is when the annual celebration of Busójárás occurs. It is a fantastic one week period to mark the end of the carnival season, Farsang. If you find yourself wondering what on earth is happening around you, then you are in the right place. The parade of masquerades, folk music and dancing lasts six days and honors the beginning of spring. The purpose of the big, spooky costumes and masks is to scare away winter – so who's to say your fears won't be afraid of them too? Observing the unique, pure Eastern European traditions will take you back to simpler times, when people were humble and everybody was nice to one another. Since it is a small town, if the first person you talk to does not speak excellent English... Well, it gives you the opportunity to see how willing people are to help and make new friends, language barrier, no language barrier.

It is easy to become overwhelmed with the sinisterness of the world. Sometimes you need a reminder of the kindness in people and all the good that is surrounding us. Being in a new atmosphere can help you be more positive and peaceful. Exposing yourself to new influences helps if you are trying to figure out what you want to do with your life. When you have been carrying your baggage for too long, it feels heavier than it actually is. That is when you feel lost. It is nice to see that there is more to life than some things we cry about and waste time on. If you manage to shake off the negativity of the world on your vacation, not only you are going to come home with a cleansed soul, but you will have something to use as a reminder if you ever feel like you are in a rut again.

Small english approved disaster-plaster: Thurso, Scotland

Even better if you go alone. In the most northerly town of the Scottish mainland, you will be isolated from the rest of the world. You will feel like you stepped into a different dimension. Another, more wonderful version of this planet. You are guaranteed to be enchanted by many things: the seashore walks, the caste ruins, the old church remains, the galleries, the Scottish food, the cute houses. And most of all: the people. There is just something about this tiny town that either makes the loveliest of people gather here, or makes the ones who live there the loveliest. Maybe the magic is in the air, who knows, but what is sure is that Thurso has some of the most charming residents of Earth. They will stop on the bridge, just to tell you that no matter how many years they had been living there, they still have to take a picture of the breathtaking view. They appreciate it every day. They will give you immediate directions when they see that you are a tourist, without even asking. They will tell you the secret spots worth seeing. They will chat you up in the bookstore, at the station, in the cafe, just to spread their positivity. And, in case you are not much of a schedule maker therefore did not really think your visit through, they will give you a ticket in the museum that you can go in and out with. So if you realize in the meantime that you want to go outside and enjoy the beautiful day, you can still go back see the local artwork later.

Chances are, you will return from your vacation as a changed person. Gaining a widened perception of the world makes you appreciate what you have. Being away makes you appreciate the humbleness of home. It's not like we are going anywhere, so why not fall in love with the planet that we live on? When you walk around with your eyes open, you will see the tiny miracles everywhere.

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