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It is a common assumption that drugstore brands are tacky, expensive makeup is superior, and you have to pay more, simply because it is better quality. But … it is 2018! Truth is, plenty of brands aim for the somewhat strange concept of “luxury-inspired” budget beauty products. As confusing as it might sound, it just means you can have nice things without spending a ton of money.

Lipsticks, for instance, can be a whole new breed of tricky. It is already hard enough to find a decent one when you have the money to spend on it. They are either sticky or greasy, they do not last long enough or do not give enough coverage. And the worst part, you have to be way too careful with eating, drinking, talking, even smiling to avoid looking like you just ate a cherry popsicle or ending up with your gloss on your cheek. Or teeth. Or shirt.

Still, there are plenty inexpensive lipsticks out there, you just have to find them. Lucky for you, you do not need to look any further, here are some of the most amazing lipsticks to both blow your mind and save your money.

Matt Lip Artist (Catrice)

The chubby sticks provide an efficient way to apply your makeup if you have troubles following your lip lines. Drawing with a crayon-like stick is much easier than painting with a brush. Unlike the regular lipstick, the Matt Lip Artist is not sticky or slippery so your lines can stay steady whatever you do. The product description uses the super cliché term “longlasting”, but in this case, they are indeed telling the truth. It stays on until up to six hours. For real.

Matt Lip Cream (HEMA)

HEMA has a huge collection of lipsticks and glosses. The Matt Lip Cream comes in a variety of colors. The nude ones are the best. Hema really knows how to get a job done without without taking half of your rent money. These lip creams have the standard doe foot applicator, which is popular for a reason: it is easy to use whether you have big full lips or smaller, thin ones. The cream itself is of great quality as well, it dries fast, does not stick, and gives a good overall coverage. Be careful not to put too many layers on though, because it will dry clumpy.

Amore Matte Lip Creme (Milani)

For anyone having issues with the shape or lining of their lips, good news: The Amore Matte Lip Creme might just be the solution. The flat doe foot wand makes it so easy to apply, whatever shape your lips are. The magic of this lipstick lies in the fact that while it is liquid, you can draw it on, and once it's on, it dries immediately. It works more like a powder than a cream and it stays on FOREVER. Like, after-dinner-it-still-looks-perfect-forever. Like, salty-seawater-cannot-get-it-off forever. They have an extensive collection too, currently with 36 fun shades.

They have outstanding customer service and they deliver fast, so ordering from their webshop is convenient.

Important side note. All of the above brands are vegan and cruelty free.

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