Small english is a visual arts & design studio run by a designer & illustrator Laura Llama.

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What is Small english?

Small english is a visual arts and design studio.

What does Small english do?

Next to offering visual design services such as brand design, visual identity design, merchandise design and illustration, Small english also sells sustainably made goods on the web shop. Over the years I have developed a certain visual language which I am now happy to share with Small english clients and customers. 

Why is the company called Small english?

I always freelanced on the side, even when I was working full time. Initially my company was not called Small english. However, this name was lingering around as a joke. I am not a native English speaker and sometimes I make mistakes which turn into quite funny misunderstandings. There have been a few times when I thought that I expressed myself very clearly but later it proved to be quite the opposite. I am just going to own up to it, not so good with words, English is not my native language ... so it is Small english :) 


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