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What is Small english?

Small english is a visual arts and design studio run by me - Laura Llama.

What does Small english do?

Over the years I have developed a certain visual language which

I am now happy to share with Small english clients and customers

by offering such services as : 

- digital illustration

- 2D animation

- character design

- individual gift commissions

- selling sustainably made goods on the web shop 

Why is the company called Small english?

I have always freelanced. Initially my company was not called Small english. However, this name was lingering around as a joke. I am not a native English speaker and sometimes I make minor mistakes which turn into quite funny misunderstandings. I am just going to own up to it, English is not my native language ... so it is Small english. 

What do you do when you are not designing?

I love watching movies, taking care of my plants and doing yoga :)

More questions?

Collaboration requests?

Have an idea you would

like to bring into the


Are you looking to

create a very

special gift?


Don't be a stranger, 

say hi!

I would love to hear from

you and to find out if

we can create


All my love,


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