Who am I?

A Llama.


Why am I a Llama?

I don't know. I don't necessarily want to be a Llama. I would not have minded to be an animal a little more grace such as a lion. But I am a Llama and I have made my peace with it.  Short version can be wrapped up by a quote of Madeleine L'Engle "Only when we take ourselves lightly, can we take ourselves seriously." 


What do I do?

When I am not sleeping, I am most likely designing client work, reading, writing short stories, drawing, watching movies or just being a Llama. 


What is Small english?

Small english is the name of my company. 


Why is it called Small english?

There is a funny story.

All my love,


In a nutshell.

Assistant production designer           Art School         Assistant production design at Endemol        Masters degree         Corporate branding at Royal DSM        Freelance design work        Merging personal & client work under one brand            to be continued...

Interested in working together?

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